• Business

    • The House of Handmade

      Blogging, designing, and producing vintage replica and vintage inspired accessories for The House of Handmade.
    • Eclectic Eccentricity

      Producing space themed diorama landscapes for a jewellery company to creates alternative promotion and marketing opportunities for their new range.
    • Make & Create Collective

      Founding, running and organising an established arts group for the local community for the past 4 years.
    • Thorns DIY

      Designing and delivering art workshops on behalf of Thorns DIY to showcase their products at HAVAGO Festival.
  • Personal

    • The Skin I Live In

      Ongoing sketchbooks and experiments based on cells within the human body.
    • Editorial Illustration

      Using methods of monoprint, linocut, drawing and painting to develop illustrations for editorial.
    • Natural Form Textiles

      Most recent practice of creative textiles using dying, heating and sewing techniques inspired by natural form and landscape.